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neighbourhood plans where the fused grid has been applied

Figure 1: A small park serves also as a connector between two streets

A Fused Grid Milestone: Red Deer, AB planning guidelines

  has been reached in the adoption of the Fused Grid model – embedding its principles in a municipal standards book.   While the fused grid is being vigorously debated in planning and academic circles, as any new idea normally would, an obstacle to its implementation by pragmatic developers remained: municipal policies set on a whimsical view of…

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A cul-de-sac permeable for pedestrians only can be a play and social space

Closer for coziness, fun, safety and profit.

 Coming back from a cottage vacation, visions of places with the alluring attributes of a cottage emerge: A large lot, fronting a quiet, densely planted street and backing on to a lake, river or woods. Real estate price comparisons between locations of contrasting attributes confirm this craving. Vacationing abroad, on the other hand, produces a…

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Neighbourhood Park with Playground

How to Please Nature and Delight Residents

Building a new neighbourhood always brings change to the natural landscape that it replaces. And the biggest change that goes unnoticed is what happens to the rainwater that falls on the neighbourhood site; unnoticed, that is, until it’s in the news, when a road gets washed out, for example. Other effects rarely make headlines because…

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Two streets, Two Public Realms

The True Public Realm

Same city(Montreal),  two streets and two strikingly different approaches to the public realm. Both streets are intensely public and encompass a range of uses but are predominantly gathering and socializing spaces. On the right, in the common, inherited grid, the public fucntion takes over the entire narrow sidewalk leaving no space for pedestrians. Shop patrons are exposed to two…

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40 acre (16 ha) portion of The New Development

City Council gives the go ahead to a Fused Grid subdivision

The Fused Grid model for planning new neighbourhoods will soon be part of Calgary’s map. City Council approved unanimously the Saddleton (64 ha) development plan on April 14, 2008 with one Alderman saying “..he was pleased to see the Fused Grid concept come to fruition.” Since 2003, CMHC has researched, developed and promoted the Fused…

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