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New Research Evidence

Looking around, I found research that shows before and after comparisons of physical activity and, consequently, health. This one is from Britain and it looks at neighbourhood traffic calming measures. It confirms empirically their positive impact on physical activity. It was done by David S Morrison, Hilary Thomson and Mark Petticrew under the title:
Evaluation of the health effects of a neighbourhood traffic calming scheme

 In its summary it says:

“Health impacts of neighbourhood traffic calming

This study provides support for the proposed theoretical links that the health impacts of neighbourhood traffic calmingschemes may go beyond accident and injury reduction. Selfreported physical health, observed pedestrian activity, andtraffic related nuisance improved in the local population aftera traffic calming scheme was built in the main road. “

You can find the full article at: www.nice.nhs.uk/nicemedia/pdf/word/Transport%20evidence%20review%20summary.doc – My thoughts on this are:

Here is another example that shows that the street patterns we inherited do not produce the best outcomes for neighbourhood  residents; they need to be modified to do that.
So, let’s do it right the first time. Get the traffic out of the neighbourhood by design. The fused Grid does that. It creates a 64 ha area that is free of through traffic and provides a dense network of pedestrian paths on and off road.