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  1. As a pattern language i find the concept of the fused grid compelling. I do not see adequate vehicle parking in the 3d views however. I am currently planning a residential development in a rural resort setting, where public transit is not the norm of travel. I will consider underground parking to maximize green space and lower the visual impact of parked vehicles, but there will inevitably be vehicles parked in the street. How can that be addressed?

  2. Thank you for the positive reception. The 3D views are sketches not complete renderings. In the modeled case, all resident parking is under the units, which does meet your objective. Street parking then is available for visitors and temporary stops. I have pictures of buildings in a Montreal development that work in this fachion in every category of housing, singles, semis, townhouses and walk-ups. If you wish to conceal other parked cars, use parking in small groupings of four and surround the set with landscaping such as shrubs and trees. We can continue the conversation via my e-mail.

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